About us

Image of a beach with tall grass in the foreground
Type and Space® is a design-led brand offering a highly curated range of apparel and home accessories. We focus on elevating the essentials.

We make

Apparel and home accessories

Based in

United Kingdom





A design approach rooted in simplicity.

Space is a chance to focus, to breathe and to appreciate. Space is how we elevate the ordinary. Our minimal, clean designs are more versatile. We think this is key to a simpler lifestyle.
Type and Space was founded by Creative Director Dan Cordoni following 15 years designing products, brands and experiences for some of the world’s most renowned organisations. The brand was born out of a desire to bring art and design to more people.



A sequence of images in rapid succession interspersed by the word 'and' in various typographic styles. Images include a house veranda, a bridge in snowy alps, close up of a pool, detail of a foot in the beach sand and a surfer from the distance in the sunset

A new aesthetic

We believe in doing things differently, from our online experience to our bold graphical prints. As a design-led brand we always look for a fresh take on everything we do. Unexpected luxury.

Small runs and limited editions

It’s our way of making each product an exclusive piece of design. One of a few. We take the time to focus on quality. To us, the details matter. With every release we carefully consider the smallest things, so every element is essential.

Art and design collabs

We collaborate with unique small businesses, artists and talented craftspeople across many of our product types to bring more art and good design into the world.